They Have Lied, Manipulation and Enslavement Us For Decades. It's Time We The People Wake Up!!

"When the government fears the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny"

Dr. Ryan Cole -Covid 19 "Vaccines" and Cancer

Dr. Ryan Cole -Covid 19 "Vaccines" and Cancer



There's a Double Standard in America. Rules For The Democrat & RINO's Elites and Another For America First Officials & All The Deplorables!!

Our Courts, DOJ, & Alphabet Agencies Are Captured Operations

(If the video is gone thank YouTube for the censorship)

Abe Lincoln is The Grandfather of George Patton is Trump's Biological Father, General Flynn, The Kennedy's And Trump Are First Cousins!

DC Is a Ghost Town. Nancy Drew Shows What She Has Documented and Never Shown Before Until Now.

Threadfest Nov. 2022 Nancy Drew Exposes That DC Has Been Taken Down & Treated Like The Foreign Territory it is

Veteran Derek Johnson Explains COG and What Is Really Going On Backed By Military Laws, Orders and Regulations

Our Courts Are Fraudulent Entities. The B.A.R. Is British Accredited Registry!

Many of us saw Covid-19 as the Plandemic it was. The truth is now coming to the surface for everyone to see. It's part of a plan by a worldwide Cabal to steal America's 2020 election , These people have planned to depopulate the world with the bio-weapon and usher in The Great Reset, New World Order.  It's no secret that Klaus Schwab the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum authored the book, "Covid 19 The Great Reset" that tells use what about their plan to create a One World Government.  What the Cabal didn't plan on was Donald J. Trump beating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election. Hillary and the Deep State had the machines rigged, but Americans were tired of career Politicians and found hope in a business man. The vote was so overwhelming that it broke the algorithm of the rigged Dominion machines the deep state had in place.   Whether you are on the right, left, hate Trump or love Biden it not the point. What matters is that we the people have our votes count and stop having politicians that are selected by the cabal so they can continue to control all levels of Governments, Education, Religions for their two tiered system that favors them and keeps the people enslaved. The 2020 election was stolen and can't be denied unless you're one of the many who are brainwashed by a media that is captured and pushing a narrative so you'll believe what you hear. If you're an American you should want the TRUTH!!

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