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2nd Declaration of Independence Signed July 4, 2020 & D.U.M.B’s

Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay Talking Truth

2000 Mules Provides Indisputable Truth Election 2020 Was Stolen and a Fraud

David Straight - "Attorney’s Practice Maritime Law & Have No Idea. The BAR Association is a Scam and Most Have No Clue."

Biden is an Actor and DC is a Ghost Town. Are You Still Okay Putting Your Head in The Sand? Time to Wake Up!!

Klaus Schwab Is Leading The Charge to Change Who You Are. You’re a Worthless Eater!

If Biden is President, Why is He Allowing Durham To Continue His Investigation That's Exposing The Dems Corruption? 

Veteran Patrick Bergy: Operation Shadow Gate & The American Awakening

NWO Has Been Their Plan For Over 40 Years!.

Have They Poisoned Us Through The Water? C-19 Never Isolated So What Can You Test For?

COVID Jab Is Far More Dangerous Than Advertised

Trump was Right Again and Killary & DNC fined for Steele Dossier

Obama Not a US Citizen. Trump The Chosen One To Lead The Take Down of The Cabal

Killary & Hussein Have Covid. Does that mean…


Patrick Bergy - Whistleblower & Military Psyop Expert

Joey Gilbert - When They Came After Our Kids, he draw a line in the sand

Ronald Reagan Told Us How Bad Things Were in 1964

Paul Tokgozoglu - Talking Truth & Waking Up

Rick Rene - Find Peace In Troubled Times Through Your Relationship With God

The Information & Psychological War Has Been Waged Against Us For Years

Over 100,000 Fentynal Overdoses in The past 12 Months and No One's Talking About it

David Nino Rodriguez - Former Heavy Weight Champion Found His Calling After Alcoholism and Thoughts of Suicide. 

Richard Kaufman - Hero's Journey From Darkness To The Light

Police Chief Greg Hallgrimson Saves 6 Mo. Old Baby In Icy Pond After Dad Left Her For Dead. You Won't Believe What Happened Next

It's No Surprise Who's Attacking Joe Rogan

Demolition Inside The White House?

We’ve been indoctrinated to accept being mediocre

Psychosis is Real And To Many Americans Affected

Was it Homicide of Brian Sicknik on Jan 6, 2021?

Bosi of Australia Tells The Shocking Truth

Ballot Harvesting in GA Exposed & 40% Increase in Deaths

If Science Can’t Be Questioned, It’s Propaganda!!

Corruption in The Military & Psychological Warfare is A Very Strong Weapon

After Prison Travis Richey Impacts Prisoners Nationally

Obama and HRC Ordered Seal Team 6 Heli To Be Shot Down

Dr. Kirk Elliott: Economist, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Growth Strategist

Pedophilia & Satanic Rituals By Elites

An Idle Mind is The Devil's Playground- Lockdowns Contribute To Mental Health Problems

Wake Up & Stop Being So Self Righteous!

David Sumrall with Stop Hate. We All Need To Pray.

Was Trump on Epstein’s Plane - Maxwell Trial Underway

How Is Covid Impacting Addiction, Alcoholism, Domestic Violence?  An Idle Mind is The Devil's Playground

The Passionate Patriot, Leigh Dundas Talks About Child Sex Trafficking and More

David Sumrall: Every Day is April Fools Day, Trust No One

Is Ex Navy Seal David Hancock Kyle Rittenhouse's Handler?

John Walsh With America's Most Wanted Daughter Exposes Her Father!

Our Elected Officials Don't Give a Damn About Us!

Fly Over Conservatives Patriot Protocols, God and Country

Reverend Spills the Beans on New World Order

Are Church Leaders That Choose To Follow "Government & Science" Following God or Satan?

PROOF: Kids Would Die Pfizer Knew. It's a Bio-Weapon Nothing else!

Crimes Against Humanity, Fauci Covid 19 Dossier by Dr. David Martin, World War III

Dr. Mark Sherwood - Wake Up America, Our Lifestyle is Killing us!

Is HRC's Indictment and Arrest Coming?

How to Get Off the Grid. Clay Clark Interviews Steve Cloward of Advanced Home Pros

Mind Blowing! Dr. Martin Exposes The Great Reset & Covid Vaccine Agenda

Chad Sallenbach and Steve Talking Truth & The Great Awakening

Jason Frank's Fight Through Addiction & Prison to Serving and Loving Others.Text

Jeremy Slayden: Former Pro Baseball Player & Porn Addict Finds Peace Facing Truth

Covid 19 Has NEVER Been Isolated.  Klaus Schwab & The Great Reset

What Will It Take To Save Our Freedoms & Unite?

Evil Has High School  Principal Believe it's No Biggie To Get a Lap Dance From Student

Invasion at the Border. Time for Patriots to Stand Up!

Aaron Antis: Alcoholic at Age 15 To One of God's Humble Warriors

Dr. Stella Immanuel - One of God's Truth Warriors Gets Censored

Who is Anthony Fauci Really?

22 Year Old Fiery Red Head Is On The Front Lines With Other Digital Soldiers

A Father's Heart & Diet Help His 5 year Old Son Beat Cancer

Stand for Truth & Reclaim Your Life Through Entrepreneurship

Why is Luciferase, Graphene Oxide and Human Fetal Tissue in The Vaccine?

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